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We are the leader, and have been at the cutting edge, in providing solutions for the survival, emergency preparedness, disaster resilience, rescue, and occupational safety/health industries

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Basic First Aid Kit


  • Occupational Safety and Health

    Workplace safety equipment is a major part of our product lineup. We have it all- safety harnesses, hard hats, helmets, safety shoes, work gloves, protective masks, reflectorized vests, hearing protection, The Para Shop Manila has you covered;

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  • Emergency Preparedness

    The Philippines is a nation that is visited yearly by strong typhoons, the occasional earthquake, and other natural calamities. It is always prudent to prepare and stock up on essential supplies. From kit bags and sets, to individual items you need to complete that kit bag, we got you covered

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  • Everyday Carry

    EDC (Everyday Carry) are the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel naked without, and really have to be on your person.

    From flashlights, whistles, to multitools, to small items like pry bars, monkey's fists, keyring carabiners, and other items, The Para Shop Manila has a complete EDC section.

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