The Definitive Survival Kit

The Definitive Survival Kit

May 17, 2022

As we get out of the COVID Pandemic, and life is gradually coming back to normal, we now have to go back to working in our offices on a more regular basis- face to face classes in schools are coming back soon;

The threat of typhoons, earthquakes, and fires, is ever looming, and we have to always keep our guard up.  As such, keeping a Go-Bag with you in your place of work or at home is always a good idea.  Enter the RescueDog Survival Go-Bag- this kit is well-thought out and has almost all of the items you will need to survive 72 hours. Just add bottled water and canned food.




The Sling Bag alone addresses issues encountered with other Go-Bags offered in the market-

1. It comes in non-tactical, gray-man colors, that do not call attention to the end user, nor does it come in a very gaudy shade of orange that also calls too much attention;

2. It has a reflector strip to make the user visible when headlights or flashlights are shined upon him;

3. It is not a backpack style bag, so in a situation where the user must crawl through narrow gaps, it cannot get snagged;

4. Sling Bag has multiple compartments for logical organization of contents, and is made of high quality ballistic nylon;

The contents enable the end user to be able to survive for 72 hours or more in case of a disaster.  The D-Cells of the High Endurance Radio ensure that the end-user can stay tuned to AM broadcasts; the L630 filter and hydration bladder ensure that the end user can filter rain water and make it potable, making him/her impervious to thirst long after bottled water supplies have been used up; The reflectorized vest ensures that the end user can be visible to rescuers.  For a complete list of items, please see the product link;

For an introductory price of ₱ 5199.00, this Survival Kit offers excellent value for money.

Till then, we are Made for Survivalists, by Survivalists;

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