The Entry Level Multitool

The Entry Level Multitool

A lot of us who grew up during a certain era, specifically the 1980s, will remember MacGyver, the original 1985 TV series, not the 2016 reboot.

I remember when MacGyver started airing here in the Philippines in 1986-- shortly thereafter, sales of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives went way up.  If you had one in your pocket, you were a cool kid;

In that original TV series, the title character, Angus MacGuyver, portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson, was a secret agent who performed certain tasks on behalf of the US government.  He set himself apart from other TV protagonists of the time by his outright rejection of the use of firearms, and adopted a generally non-violent approach towards solving problems.  His weapons were a genius-level intellect, vast scientific knowledge, superior engineering skills, and a Swiss Army Knife, which normally had a knife blade, a screwdriver, a corkscrew, a saw, a file, scissors (these are normally the tools I use on mine, except for the corkscrew);  

I can remember that by 1987 or 1988, sales of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives were really going up- the TV show really did an excellent job of promoting sales.  They were expensive back then, and still expensive now.  But you got quality for what you paid. 

Multitools have gone a long way from the expensive SAK (Swiss Army Knife)-- while these are still the gold standard that other multitools are held against, along with other good brands like Leatherman, etc., I can make the argument that quantity is a quality unto itself;

Say again, you need to issue out a lot of multitools, and these are for inclusion in a Go-Bag. The cost to acquire a SAK for each Go-Bag may easily become too prohibitive.  A multitool is a what is called a survival multiplier- you increase your chances of survival by its inclusion.  Quality is important, but if you are:

1. on a budget

2. need to pre-position multiple Go-Bags at multiple locations

3. already carry a Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife on your person all the time

then these may be excellent choices for you-



  Cheap, easy to acquire and stockpile, and of good quality for their price, these multitools make for excellent supplements to the more expensive branded multitools that a lot of us own and carry;  as an added advantage, their relatively low price means the loss of one will not make the owner cry and gnash his teeth in frustration...

   Remember, multitools do not and can never replace the actual full size tools to carry out a task;  what they offer are decent compromises on utility vis a vis portability-- after all, you will weigh down your Go-Bag too much by inclusion of a full size saw, screwdrivers, etc;

   Till then, we are For Survivalists, by Survivalists®



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