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Hard Hat, Standard, Ratcheted Suspension

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Standard hard hat will protect the user from falling debris; 

Made of high grade HDPE;

Uses ratchet style suspension system for more comfortable fit;

Color code for hard hats:

White: White hard hat colour is generally used by the site managers engineers for men for supervisors on the site.

Yellow: The yellow hard hat colour is generally used by laborers and earthmoving operators. A yellow hard hat is usually preferred for the workers who operate heavy machinery on the construction site.

Blue: The blue hard hat colour is generally used by the technical operators which include electricians. Blue is also used by the carpenters, interim workers and technical advisors on the site.

Green: Green hard hats are used by the safety team and the safety inspector but it can also be used by the new workers on the site are the trainee staff. The green hard hat colour code is also preferred for new hires and trainees.

Red: A red hard hat is usually worn by the Fire Marshal and firefighters.

Orange: The orange hard hat has high visibility so that it is generally used for the workers in the road and highway Constructions.