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Self-Activating Fire Extinguisher Ball, 1.3kg

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  • LIGHT WEIGHT – Weighs less than 3 pounds (1.3 Kg)
  • MAINTENANCE FREE - For a period of 5 years, no maintenance required, always on guard for you with its unique capability to emit loud (120dB) noise as a fire alarm upon activation.
  • EASY TO USE- Just throw it into the fire or install it in any fire risk area.
  • EXTRA VERSATILE - Suitable for many places e.g. electric cabinet, gas barrel, flammable chemical area in the factory, shopping mall, gas station, hotel, car etc.
  • WIDE APPLICATION SPECTRUM – Save to use on Class A, Class B, Class C Fires
  • SAFE TO USE - No need to get close to the fire.
  • NO TRAINING NOR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED -There are no special skills or training required to operate fire extinguisher ball, can be operated by children as well as the elderly
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Safe for human, pets and environmental friendly materials.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE - When simply thrown into the fire, AFO Fire Extinguisher ball would activate within 3-10 seconds and effectively fire.