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Scoop Stretcher, Aluminum

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    Product Size: 210x44x6cm
    Folded Size: 120x44x9cm
    Load Bearing:159Kgs

The scoop stretcher (or clamshell, Roberson orthopedic stretcher, or just scoop) is a device used specifically for moving injured people. It is most frequently used to lift people who may have a spinal cord injury from the ground, either due to unconsciousness or in order to maintain stability in the case of trauma.

-Made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials.

-separating-type stretcher to transfer fractured and serious patients.

-hinged and joined arrangement, which is easy to set the stretcher into two parts, is set in the middle at both ends of the stretcher.

-strengthen the patients at original place to reduce the further injury of the patient.

-Can be taken out from the back of the patient without moving the patient.

-Adjustable as to the length according to patient's body. 

-Light-weighted, compact, easily carried, and can easily be sterilized and cleaned

-Mainly used for sports injuries, as standard equipment in ambulances, etc.