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Rain King All Weather Waterproof Notebook

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The Rain King All Weather Waterproof Notebook is an all-time Para Shop Manila classic;

Hardwearing and robust, our waterproof notebooks have been specifically designed for jobs and hobbies that take place outdoors.

The Rain King All Weather Notebook is  manufactured using recyclable waterproof paper that offers protection from rain, mud, grease and more. If you’re someone who spends any amount of their leisure time or working life out in the elements, here are five great reasons why you should always carry a Rain King All Weather Notebook:

  1. On the job protection: When you’re out in the field, you need to make sure that the tools you are using can withstand anything that Mother Nature sends your way. Waterproof notebooks allow you to carry out the necessary work without fear that rain or mud will wash away those key details. In addition, the waterproof paper is also protected against other liquids such as sweat or grease, making the range suitable for use in construction, agriculture, military applications and more.
  2. Suitable for hardcore hobbies: If you enjoy sports or expeditions that are out in the open, having a Rain King All Weather notebook should always be a part of your toolkit. Whether you are recording game scores and stats, following maps or charts, or taking notes on natural science, having waterproof paper means that these details will remain protected, even if you accidentally drop your notebook into a puddle or a sudden change in the weather catches you off guard.
  3. Never be caught unprepared: Whether it is for work, leisure, or survival, you never know when you may have a stroke of inspiration or need to access or take down details vital for the task at hand. A Rain King All Weather notebook is an ideal tool that fits easily into any backpack, Go-Bag, Survival Kit, etc., meaning you can carry it around with you at all times for those unexpected moments.
  4. Survives extreme situations: There are certain jobs and hobbies that carry considerable risks, such as diving or tactical missions, where communication and note-keeping can protect you and others around you. Waterproof notebooks can be used in the harshest weather conditions, as well as underwater (you can write on it with a pencil underwater), so that maps, coordinates or communications can all be securely documented without the risk of damage.

      5. For signalling rescuers:  in a disaster whether man-made or natural where                  one  has to bug out, you can use your Rain King all weather notebook to signal            rescuers- just write on a page details like "we are 4 pax, 2 adults 2 children, we              have gone to location X" and leave at your last location, so that if rescuers                    happen to come looking for you, they will know where to go next to look for                you;