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Fuel Pumps Siphon Hose Oil Transfer Manual Sucker Pump Motorcycle Auto Yacht Non-return Valve Fuel Pipe Pump Accessories

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BMW Model:320i
Item Width:1cm
Item Height:1cm
Item Length:120 X 80CM
Item Weight:100g
Material Type:Stainless Steel
Special Features:Easy to Use
Other Part Number:Fit for Car Auto Motor Truck
Placement on Vehicle:N/A
Interchange Part Number:Pumping Unit Manual Durable
For Vehicle Brands/Model:BMW
Manufacturer Part Number:Suction Pipe



  • Accelerate new upgrades, seal well and save effort, thicker 20mm diameter, faster flow rate and double stop valve oil pump, pumping only takes 5 seconds.
  • Double check valve design, faster flow rate, good operation of two-way check valve, quick oil output.
  • Increase the oil-resistant rubber sphere to absorb more water and fine grain design, anti-slip and anti-aging.
  • Thickened PVC pipe has long service life.
  • A variety of models are applicable, trucks, cars, motorcycles and other models can be used.

Instructions for use:

  1. The correct way to use the suction pump is to stretch a tube into the liquid you need to pump, and first force it.
  2. Squeeze the flat rubber ball to expel the air, then immediately block the outlet of the tube with your thumb, release the rubber ball, etc.
  3. The ball slowly swells and recovers. After the liquid is pumped up to fill the rubber ball, the thumb blocking the outlet is loosened. Repeated operation 1-2 times will form a continuous self-flow.
  4. This oil pump needs to rely on the pressure of air to achieve self-flow, because the inner diameter of the pipe is small and the flow rate is relatively slow.
  5. Directions are used from top to bottom. When using, keep the position of the rubber ball as low as possible.


The following conditions must be met to extract the fuel tank of the car:

  1. There is no anti-theft oil filter in the fuel tank.
  2. The pipe should be inserted into the fuel tank when pumping oil.
  3. The height of the fuel tank must be higher than the height of the oil drum.