How to build your GO-BAG/BOB/ 72-hour kit

What should be in a Go-Bag or 24-hour kit:
1. AM/FM Radio – you need this to listen to government broadcast
2. Flashlight – it can get dark
3. First Aid Kit
4. Whistle – always a must in any survival kit
5. N95 Mask – To prevent dust inhalation in case of earthquake
6. Hardhat or rescue helmet – in case of earthquake
7. Moist Towelette
8. Thermal Blanket
9. Emergency Shelter or emergency sleeping bag
10. Multi Tool – very underrated but viral
11. Food – MRE or 911 Rice chicken Meal in easy open cans

12. Water – At least 4 500ml bottles of water
13. Spork or Polycarbonate Cutlery Set
14. 10-meter line and a roll of duct tape
15. Power bank – so you can charge your cellphone

Additional Items
• Spare change of clothes
• Spare shoes
• Medication, especially maintenance
• Cash
• Family pictures or documents
• Toiletries / personal hygiene kit
• Candy for energy