RescueDog® Third Generation Crank Survival Radio

RescueDog® Third Generation Crank Survival Radio

With regards to crank radios, I have always been in search of the better mousetrap;


We all know that an AM/FM radio must possess certain qualities, that merit its inclusion in a Go-Bag/Survival Kit-

1. It has to be reliable- it should be able to receive AM and FM stations clearly and well;

2. It has to have long endurance- this is achieved in several ways- by using high capacity batteries (D-Cells, in the case of the High Endurance Transistor Radio, to be covered by another product update in the future), or in the case of a crank radio, by way of its battery able to be charged by the crank mechanism, by the solar panel, or by plugging it into a USB power source;

3. It may or may not have any other additional features, as long as it does its primary function well, that of receiving AM broadcasts;

Enter the RescueDog® Third Generation Crank Survival Radio


The RescueDog® 3G Crank Survival Radio has the following features:

1. Powerful 18650 battery in an accessible panel for easy replacement;


    This feature is very underrated-- do you really want to have to unscrew and take apart your crank radio when the 18650 battery dies out? You can, but the better mousetrap now says, "why bother?"

2. Very reliable AM/FM/SW reception;

3. Crank, Solar, and USB Charging capability;

4. Can charge all smartphones;

5. Has a powerful 80 lumens flashlight, and a very loud personal distress siren;

This clever little device does not disappoint- it has been tested for function and reliability by test users who are always in the field, and they say it works;

      Till then, we are For Survivalists, by Survivalists®

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