New for 2022- XML T6 Tactical Flashlight

New for 2022- XML T6 Tactical Flashlight

I have always never left the house for as long as I can remember without carrying some means of lighting the way if it becomes dark.  Family and friends will ask me, "It's daytime, why carry that flashlight with you?"  I would answer, "same reason why some people will carry an umbrella along-- it may or may not rain.  However, in the flashlight's case, there is a 100% chance of it becoming dark later at night. And what if we happen to be inside a building with no windows and the power goes out? How sure are you the power will always stay on?"

To compound this, I have always encountered situations wherein I had to climb a ladder or needed to carry say a stack of books with both hands, and still had to retain control of my flashlight;  and what if say I had to shoot my pistol two-handed while still holding on to my flashlight? Do I risk it falling out by sticking it in a pants pocket or my waistband, especially if I had to climb the ladder? What if I had to do an emergency reload and change magazines?  It will take too long to to stow the flashlight before performing the mag change, and retrieving the flashlight again if I had to illuminate the target;

Enter the XML-T6 Tactical Flashlight--



 The XML-T6 redefines the concept of the tactical flashlight- rechargeable, lightweight, powerful, and comes with the new, patented Rescue Ring, which allows the flashlight to swing freely from your finger while maintaining a two-hand hold on your pistol.  It is so easy to use-- just slip your index finger into the handy and convenient Rescue Ring, and hold your flashlight in the normal way.  Your thumb should easily be able to operate the tailcap button switch; 

if you have to perform any two-handed tasks, then all you have to do is lightly flick the flashlight to the back of your hand, or in the case of holding a pistol two-handed, just allow the flashlight to dangle off your index finger naturally;

As an added bonus, the Rescue Ring is made of durable, soft rubber, and cannot be used against you by an enemy to trap you and turn the flashlight itself into a pain compliance tool;  simply let go of the flashlight and use other methods to fight the enemy hand to hand or with your pistol;

XML-T6 comes with rechargeable 18650 battery, pen clip (so it can sit up in your jeans pocket in an upright positition), AAA adaptor (just in case you cannot charge your 18650 battery), and USB 18650 charging device;

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