Fire Safety Essentials 2022

Fire Safety Essentials 2022

It is still the middle of February 2022, but we can now feel the change in the weather.  Days are starting to get warmer, and soon it will be March;

March is many things traditionally- the start of summer; graduation of high school students (don't worry, the pandemic will end sooner or later, let us just keep on wearing our masks); it is also Fire Prevention Month, By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 115-A declaring March as so, due to the alarmingly high number of fires across the country during this period;

Even if it is not March, fire prevention month really should be all year round- the price of safety is eternal vigilance;  

several things can be kept in the home all the time to mitigate the dangers of fires-- fire blankets and fire escape hoods; escape hammers can also be kept handy if the manner of egress is through a glass window or door; smoke detector alarms are often considered nuisances when their batteries start to run out, since they keep on emitting that beeping sound-- do not ignore it-- the price  of a 9V battery is negligible compared to the damage a fire can cause;



A fire blanket is usually made of woven glass fibers, and can be used in several ways-- to smother a fire in the kitchen, to wrap around a person whose clothing has caught fire, or wrap around oneself to escape a burning building;  the video here can be very helpful:



 Fire Escape Hoods are also very essential-- the majority of fatalities in fires are caused by smoke inhalation;  the Fire Escape Hood will give you enough time to egress from a smoke filled building, especially if used in conjunction with a Fire Blanket;  to use a fire escape hood, one must be careful to remove BOTH the inside and outside rubber filter seals-- to neglect to remove one will mean that the Fire Escape Hood will not work as intended;

  I believe that a Fire Blanket, Fire Escape Hood, and especially a properly installed smoke detector, will increase the chances of survival for the occupant of a house that is on fire;  let us all be extra careful, not just in March, but all year round;

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